Te Bitnob Transfer feature allows you to send money directly into bank accounts and mobile money wallets of friends and relatives in African countries. To make a direct transfer into someone’s bank account or mobile money wallet, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the “Transfer” button on the Quick links section of the homepage

  • Tap on “Transfer to Bank or Momo”

  • Tap on “Change currency” to select the country of the account or mobile money wallet you want to transfer money to

  • Input the amount you would like to transfer, then tap on “Continue”

  • Select the account or mobile money provider and fill out the details of the account you want to send money to.

    • If this person would be someone you intend to send money often, then tap on “Save as beneficiary” to make make the person a beneficiary.

  • Tap on “Proceed to Transaction Note” to add a note on the transaction

  • Review the transaction summary and then tap on “Proceed” to initiate payment to the account or mobile money wallet.

  • Voila! Sending money has never been this easy and seamless.

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