Virtual cards have become a necessity for everyone who wants to experience the ease of online payments, without being limited to how much you can spend. Creating a virtual card on Bitnob is very easy and it comes with a lot of benefits, including a referral bonus when you invite your friends to also create virtual cards on Bitnob. You can read all about it here

To create a virtual card on Bitnob, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Bitnob app and tap "Actions."

  • Tap "Create a Virtual Card".

  • Tap "Proceed"

  • A screen with information about the Bitnob Visa Virtual Card will appear. You can learn more about the card and read the Terms and Conditions before ticking the box.

  • After ticking the box, tap "I want a Visa Card"

  • Input the Title/Name of your card

  • Tap "Next"

  • Input the amount you want to create your card with.

  • Tap "Next"

  • Tap on the coloured circles to change the card colour to your preferred choice.

  • Tap "Next - Transaction Pin"

  • Input your password and Tap "Create Card"

  • Your card is being created and you will get a notification when it's live.

  • You have successfully created a Virtual Card -- Spend without Limits!

  • You can refer your friends to create a card and earn every time they create a new card.

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