Congratulations and welcome to Bitnob, you are on this page, because you have signed up on the Bitnob mobile app, and you would love to know more about the app and how to get started.

Bitnob is a simple app that gives you the easiest way to send, receive, and save your money. With a Bitnob account, you can do the following:

  1. Send money to your family and friends around the world

  2. Receive money instantly and for free from family and friends

  3. Pay for online services using a virtual card with a dollar balance

  4. Pay for online services using bitcoin

  5. Buy Bitcoin

  6. Sell your Bitcoin and get credited to your bank account or mobile money account

  7. Save money in Bitcoin or USD (Stablecoins)

In order to start using Bitnob to make payments or save, you need to verify your account, then add money to your Bitnob account.

  • Completing your profile (Edit and change your username to your preferred choice with this feature)

    • Tap "Account" at the bottom of the app's homepage

    • Tap "Profile Settings" under General to edit your Name or Username

    • Tap "Save changes" to save the edits

  • KYC verification (Through KYC verification, we get your details to verify your identity, and your account)

    • Tap on the “Account” icon at the bottom of the home page.

    • Select “Level 1” under the heading - Verification.

    • Read through and check the button below.

    • Tap “Proceed”.

    • Fill out your personal information

    • Tap “Next Stage - Residential Address”

    • Fill out your residential information

    • Tap “Next Stage - Document Upload”

    • Choose and fill out the details of your ID.

    • Tap “Submit Document”

    • Tap “Enable Camera” and allow Bitnob to access your camera.

    • Position your ID to sit well within the frame on your screen and tap the round button displayed at the bottom of your screen.

    • Tap “Submit Photo”

    • Tap “Take a selfie”

    • Position your face within the oval frame on your screen and tap the round button displayed at the bottom of your screen.

    • Tap “Upload Photo”.

    • Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your KYC information. You will receive an email to confirm your KYC level.

  • Funding your USD wallet (Take the first step of your Bitnob transactions, by depositing into your USD account, then you can buy Bitcoin, save in Bitcoin and send out money to friends and family)

    • Tap “Fund Account” on the homepage

    • Tap “ NobXpress”

    • Choose the currency you are funding with

    • Input the amount you want to deposit in your wallet.

    • Tap “Continue”

    • Choose how you want to deposit — “Bank Transfer”

    • The System finds you a NobXpress partner

    • Copy the account details of the NobXpress partner and make the deposit.

    • After making the deposit, Tap "I have made the payment"

    • Tap "Confirm" only if you have made the payment

    • Congratulations! Your fund is on the way to your wallet

  • Creating a Bitcoin savings plan (Through this feature, you can start your automatic savings in Bitcoin with as little as $1 daily)

    • Click on “Start a Savings Plan” on the homepage or click “Plans” on the homepage

    • Click Create a new plan

    • Click "Bitcoin Savings"

    • Name your plan

    • Click "Next"

    • Add the amount to be debited

    • Click "Next"

    • Choose a debit frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)

    • Click "Next"

    • Set a lock period for your plan (3 months, 6 months, 1 year)

    • Click "Next"

    • Set your start date

    • Click "Proceed to Payment"

    • Select your Payment Source (the USD wallet is chosen as default).

    • Click "Next"

    • Click "Start Plan"

    • Congratulations! Your Bitcoin savings plan has been successfully created

  • Add your Bank Account and Mobile Money Account (This enables you to withdraw from your Bitnob wallet to your local bank account or Mobile money account seamlessly)

    • Tap "Accounts" at the bottom of the app's homepage

    • Tap "Payment options" under Payments

    • Tap "Add new account"

    • Select "Currency"

    • Choose "Bank Transfer" as your payment method

    • Add your bank account or mobile money account details

    • Tap "Add Destination Account"

    • You have successfully added an account

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