Payouts allow you to determine how and where you want to receive Bitcoin payments. Typically, receiving bitcoin into BTC wallets used to be the only option. This way, you have to go an extra step and sell the bitcoin before you can cash it out to the currency, wallet or account of your choice.

Payout makes it possible for you to choose the destination of every bitcoin you receive to your BTC address. There are 3 options you can choose from.

  • Option 1 – AUTO PAYOUTS

This option allows you to choose a Bitnob wallet that you want every Bitcoin you receive to your BTC address to come into. You can choose between the USD Wallet and the BTC Wallet.

  • Option 2 – SPLIT PAYOUTS

This option allows you to split every bitcoin you receive between your BTC and USD wallets, by setting the percentage you want to be sent to each wallet.

  • Option 3 – DIRECT PAYOUTS

This option allows you to choose/add a bank/mobile money account to which your bitcoin would be directed every time you receive Bitcoin to your BTC address.

Not to worry, the bitcoin is converted to the currency of your choice, and it reflects in your bank account.

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