1. How do I fund my Bitnob wallet?

To fund your wallet, follow the steps in this how-to fund your USD Wallet guide.

2. How do I know that my wallet has been funded via NobXpress?

Click on wallets > BTC wallet > Swipe right to your USD wallet to confirm that you have been funded.

3. What is the minimum amount that I can withdraw?

The minimum amount you can withdraw to your local fiat account is $2.

4. How soon can my withdrawal be processed?

Withdrawals can be processed anytime within one hour.

5. Can I withdraw money from my wallet to my bank account?

Yes, you can withdraw from your USD wallet to your local bank or mobile money account.

6. Why was my withdrawal unsuccessful?

Your withdrawal may be unsuccessful due to inaccurate bank or mobile money details. The accounting department will have to fail the transaction to enable you to reinitiate another withdrawal.

7. How can I send money to another Bitnob user’s USD wallet?

To send money to another user's USD wallet, simply click on wallets > BTC wallet > Swipe right to your USD wallet > Send > Input Bitnob username > Input amount > Transaction note > Input transaction pin > Transaction successful.

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